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Business Intelligence Designer Income Boston – Before I started, I was a business analyst for five years, so I know first-hand that there is incredible variability in what a business analyst does on a day-to-day basis.

Because of this wide range of responsibilities, it can be very difficult to develop a resume or write a business analyst cover letter. Here we will show you everything you need to know about your business analyst resume.

Business Intelligence Designer Income Boston

These resume samples have worked to help other BAsland jobs at big companies like Stripe and Microsoft. I’ll also share some tips I’ve learned from other great business analyst hiring managers to help you land that first interview.

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My favorite part of being a business analyst was that no two days are the same. One day I could be in the weeds of complex SQL queries and the next I would be talking to customers to understand how they used our products.

This wide scope of responsibilities made the job exciting and challenging. No two business analysts have the same job, so it can be very difficult to know what to put on your resume to appease hiring managers from different companies.

I have hired business analysts, applied for business analyst jobs, and reviewed thousands of business analyst resumes at this point in my career. Fundamentally, you have to demonstrate that you are capable of making a significant impact on the business you are applying to.

This is true whether you are an entry-level business analyst looking for your first full-time position or a senior business analyst looking for a promotion to management. Make your case that you will have a positive and meaningful impact on the role you are applying for.

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Compared to other technology roles, the range of hard skills that business analysts must have is relatively consistent across companies.

While the type of analysis a business analyst does varies dramatically from role to role, the underlying principles of the role remain the same. A business data analyst takes data and leverages its insights to improve business processes or operations.

Whether this is through forecasting, pricing, reporting or statistical analysis, the toolbox that a successful BA must have is well defined.

First, you must be able to prepare the data for analysis. Most of the time, companies store their data in relational databases. So this means you need to know SQL to extract and clean that data.

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If the amount of data a company has is significantly less, you can get all the data you need to analyze directly in (usually very neglected) Excel workbooks.

After preparing the data, you need to do its analysis. This may come in the form of interactive models (in which case you will likely use Excel), or you may need to do more sophisticated analysis in Python or R.

Finally, you need a way to present your findings. Again, sometimes this can be just visualizations in Excel (Excel is the real MVP for business analysts), sometimes it can be through data visualization in a BI tool like Tableau or Looker, and sometimes it can be through of a PowerPoint presentation.

Notice a theme here? Include only hard skills in the skills section. Think of it this way: If you were reviewing a resume and someone said they were a “team player” in the skills section, would that tell you anything about their qualifications?

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No, I wouldn’t. Soft skills are best displayed in an interview. Listing them on a resume simply adds no value.

When companies use keyword filters, they are only looking for hard skills. So soft skills won’t get you past stage 1. And as I said before, just listing soft skills on your resume won’t convince the hiring manager that you actually possess those skills.

How can you balance your skills section to satisfy both the ATS and the hiring manager? First, don’t include a long list of skills. This is a huge red flag to the hiring manager even if it helps you get past the ATS.

For example, there is no reason to include Python, R, Matlab and SAS in your curriculum. When it comes to your skills section, you want to avoid coming across as a jack of all trades and master of none.

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It is far better to demonstrate expertise in a handful of skills than a passing understanding of 15-20 skills.

When you’re debating whether or not to include a certain skill on your resume, just ask if you’d like to be asked questions about that skill in an interview.

Lying on your resume is one of the only guaranteed ways to ensure that you will never be able to land a job at a company at some point in the future. For me, I also wouldn’t be able to handle the anxiety of potentially being exposed to a resume lie in an interview. It’s not worth it!

Formatting your resume correctly can matter more than you think. For any BA role a hiring manager reviews over 100 resumes. To do this, they look for a reason to say “no” to any app they review.

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Formatting your resume incorrectly is a quick way to land yourself in the “no” pile. Your goal with formatting your business analyst resume is to make the hiring manager’s job as easy as possible.

Put yourself in their shoes. Given the exact same experience for two candidates, would you be more likely to approve the resume that stretches to 5 pages or the resume that concisely argues your qualifications?

Since your goal is to keep your resume to one page, every inch of real estate is valuable. If you’re a senior business analyst, this means you should keep your education short so you have more room to talk about your work experience.

In contrast, as an entry-level business analyst, you must demonstrate that you are qualified to be a BA without much (or any) work experience. For this, you must include the relevant math/statistics/economics/programming classes you took in school.

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Why? The vast majority of them are too long, too generic, or provide no new information about a candidate’s qualifications for the BA position they are applying for. Because of this, many hiring managers have been conditioned to ignore this section (especially when it’s too long).

If you’re going to include a resume objective, make sure it actually adds value to your resume. Here are some ways to do it:

To clarify this point here are some sample resume objectives and summaries for good and bad business analysts.

Business Analyst with 7+ years making significant impacts with my analytics. Comfortable working cross-functionally with teams ranging from product to engineering to leadership. Experience in turning vague product requests into business requirements that are implemented in a streamlined manner. To date, in my career, I have achieved $3.7 million in value through my analysis and recommendations.

Boston Consulting Group

As a former small business owner, I’m excited about the prospect of leveraging my experience leading data-driven product recommendations to advance Stripe’s mission to make payments accessible to businesses of all sizes.

The goal of a business analyst is to leverage data to make recommendations that have a demonstrable impact on a business or product. More than anything, you need to make it clear on your resume that you have this ability.

How can you do that? Showing you’ve done it in the past! You need to estimate the impact of the projects you have worked on.

One of the most difficult challenges of being a business analyst is trying to quantify what seems unquantifiable. How can you estimate the potential revenue impact of a feature that hasn’t been released? How can you estimate the impact of a price change on losing customers?

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These are the challenges that business analysts have to face in their day-to-day work. By estimating the quantitative impact of your past work, you are clearly demonstrating that you have a knack for logical and numerical reasoning that is essential to success as a business analyst.

The impact of your projects should not only be stated in terms of revenue impact. Here are some other ways to do it.

When it comes to demonstrating the impact of your work, it’s important to focus on the most important metrics relevant to a given project. Being able to determine the success and failure criteria of an experiment is critical to being a good business analyst.

Just to make the point one last time, I want you to compare these two work experiences. Now, this is the same business analyst talking about his experience in a particular role in two different ways.

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What do you think is most effective in convincing the hiring manager that you are a highly qualified business analyst?

If you’re an entry-level business analyst, I know what you’re thinking: “Stephen, this whole section is about work experience, but what if I don’t have work experience as a business analyst?” (P.S. I don’t actually know what you’re thinking, I just needed a decent segue)

The beauty of being a business analyst is that you don’t need work experience to demonstrate the skills needed to succeed in a full-time role.

Basically a business

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