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Business Intelligence Designer It College Of Louisville Medical Facility Income – The online Master of Business Administration (MBA) is designed for working professionals who want to advance their careers, expand their business acumen, and differentiate themselves in the workplace.

This is more than your typical MBA degree. Offered by the College of Business, UofL’s online MBA delivers proven business theories, processes, and leadership skills to make you an engaging and successful business professional—online and in your program. With optional 10-day business study tours, new electives, and certificate opportunities in Distilled Spirits Business, Manager Analytics, Horse Racing Industry Business, Family Business Management & Consulting or Franchise Management, you can specialize your degree and stand out in today’s competitive market. .

Business Intelligence Designer It College Of Louisville Medical Facility Income

The online MBA is closely based on our nationally renowned MBA program, ranked among the top 50% of programs in the nation by the U.S. News & World Report. The online format delivers the same high-quality business education expected at UofL with the flexibility you need to better balance work, life and education.

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UofL’s College of Business is also ranked as one of the best business schools by the U.S. News & World Report and Poets and Quants, and the Princeton Review for providing the best business programs.

The College of Business at UofL has chosen to make the GMAT optional for all applicants to the online MBA program until further notice. To get started, view the additional application requirements below or complete the GMAT waiver request form.

The online MBA requires 36 credit hours (12 courses) and 9 credit hours in electives (3 courses).

An online MBA qualifies for Military Educational Assistance. Program fees do not include textbooks or airfare for international travel. Competitive scholarships are available.

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*The FAA rate is 10% tuition for all online programs. Eligibility excludes uniformed members of the Department of Defense and government contractors.

You may need to submit a tuition reimbursement request. Download the Sample Application Letter [PDF] to get started.

The University proudly participates in the Yellow Ribbon program. As a military-friendly institution, the College of Business offers several features to help service members pursue their MBA:

If you are wondering how you will apply the knowledge gained from this program to your current role or future job, wonder no more! In our online MBA program, we have designed a series of student-centered assignments that provide meaningful and consistent opportunities to apply course concepts to a specific area of ​​interest.

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To start a Cardinal Selection Activity, you’ll first choose a focus area: Activity, Industry, or Story. This is based on whether you want to focus on developing knowledge about a current role, future career development, change and innovation in a specific industry, or a broader fundamental issue you want to solve in your organization, community or society as a whole.

Apply to our Online MBA program today and learn how to set your degree apart from the rest!

Prepare to stand out in today’s competitive business environment with focused expertise, earned through an online graduate certificate or new elective. You’ve graduated with your MBA and business certificate, earned at no extra time or cost.

Experience the business firsthand on an optional 10-day study tour, included in the program fee.* During this study period, you will gain exposure to different companies, industries, and business cultures through the combination of business travel. , and immersion functions. You will also have the opportunity to expand your network by traveling with other UofL MBA students from online, professional, full-time, and innovation programs, as well as College of Business faculty members. The tour takes place in May, and can include both international and domestic options such as San Francisco, New York City, Boston, and more. Examples of past international options include but are not limited to Argentina, Chile, China, Croatia, India, Romania, South Africa, and Taiwan. Note: Another non-travel course section must be taken if a study tour is not undertaken.

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* Fees for the MBA program include travel expenses minus airfare, multiple dinners, and personal events. No refunds or discounts are applied if a student chooses not to attend.

UofL’s online MBA prepares you with the proven business knowledge needed to seek new positions and opportunities across a variety of industries, increase your earning potential, expand your understanding of leadership practices, and take your business career to the next level.

“[After] entering the online MBA program, I know how to be a better leader. I know how to conduct myself to be successful. Before this program, I think I was just managing because that was my job. Through the classes we have online, I learned how to manage goal, how to push people to succeed and become a better manager.” Kathryn Honegger, Online MBA, Class of 2019

The College of Business at UofL has chosen to make the GMAT optional for all applicants to the online MBA program until further notice. To get started, view the additional application requirements below or complete the GMAT waiver request form.

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*We offer a limited number of scholarships for outstanding students who demonstrate academic excellence, leadership potential and commitment to achieving their career goals. Scholarships are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, with no additional application required. We encourage you to apply early for a better chance of receiving a scholarship that can help lower tuition and fees. The application deadline and conditions are subject to change.

You may qualify for dual status and complete your MBA in just 4 semesters! Contact our online enrollment advisors at 800.871.8635 or online@ for more information.

The complete application package and waiver requests will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee. Candidates will be notified of the decision within 3-5 business days.

For more information about the admissions and application process, please contact our online learning enrollment advisors at 800.871.8635 or online@.

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The online MBA is a 45 credit hour program that requires 36 credit hours in core courses and 9 credit hours in electives. You can use your options to earn a certificate in a specialized business area or choose from a variety of new courses available across a variety of fields.

All accepted online MBA students will complete an asynchronous 5-week Statistics Prework Module (non-credit, no cost) designed to ensure you are up to speed on the fundamentals of statistics, and prepare you for success in the program. This module will be offered before the start of your first online MBA course.

Elective courses offered are subject to change and vary by semester. Elective courses are offered in Spring semesters, taken 2 at a time and are 1.5 credit hours a piece.

2035: Governance in a Post Pandemic World. Imagine living in a time when the very foundations of the world are being upended by a single event, COVID-19. An event so powerful that it has literally affected every single person in the world. How does one prepare to rule and lead in this new world? What can you learn? What new skills do you need to learn and what beliefs do you need to leave behind? Who will you trust when there is so much uncertainty about the future, and the effectiveness of information sources? What questions will you ask when the world of “Black Mirror, Black Lives Matter, Black Swans, Machine Learning, AI Nationalism, CRISPR, Climate Change, Aging, & Social Media all converge? This course is designed for the curious mind; to help you step into a new way of seeing the future. You will be challenged to reach beyond your comfort zone on a journey to discover new emerging trends and events spanning the social, political, economic, technological, and environmental spheres that will impact your performance as a manager in a post-pandemic world.

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This course will focus on different supply chain strategies including push vs. pull strategies, efficiency vs. flexibility strategies, and outsourcing vs. demand. The implementation of these techniques will be studied through case analysis and reading. The course will also focus on supply chain performance metrics.

Leadership of C4 Military Transformation to the C-Suite; Command, Control, Communication and Culture. MBA680 is a comparative in Military Acumen and Corporate Business Acumen for those graduates from the Military who want a competitive edge in the Corporate Business Environment. A career in the military is unlike any other and moving to a Corporate World can be a Culture Shock. Transition from Military Leadership and Culture is a multi-faceted challenge and is best approached as a process. Students will be introduced to an overview of different Business Models, Business Strategies, Business Leadership Models, and Organizational Culture Models within today’s Business Climate. Students will also learn about navigating the business structure and explore the differences between Military, Cultural, Strategic and Business Leadership, through Interviews and Case Studies of various Business Disciplines. The course challenges students to use practical experience in identifying what information is important, filter it for relevance, and use the information to gain a competitive advantage in the Business Community.

The volume of data generated every day continues to grow rapidly. Ability to mine available data for information now

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