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Business Intelligence Expert Designer Income – What is Business Intelligence? What is the difference between Business Intelligence and Data Analytics? We dive into this lucrative career path with Candace Periera-Roberts, a General Assembly educator with 20 years of data experience. Learn about the career path and average salaries of a BI analyst, how to learn business intelligence (spoiler alert: you don’t need a data degree), and what personality traits make a great business intelligence analyst.

I have been working with data in some form for about 20 years, including as a business analyst, data warehouse developer/analyst, business intelligence analyst, data engineer, lead data analytics instructor, etc.

Business Intelligence Expert Designer Income

I originally started at GA teaching SQL workshops on the Atlanta campus and then grew into other data-related workshops/bootcamps and becoming an instructor for Data Analytics Online and for Atlanta. When I was offered the opportunity to teach classes in my area of ​​expertise for GA, I was excited to be able to share my knowledge with others who wanted to explore this industry.

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Business Intelligence (BI) combines strategies, processes and technologies around data. BI includes general functions such as data mining, process analysis, data visualization and analysis, performance management, predictive/prescriptive analytics, reporting, and dashboards. BI can have members such as visualization and data analysts, data engineers, business intelligence analysts and data scientists.

Could you give us an example of a problem/question that a BI analyst might be asked to solve in the workplace?

The work of a business intelligence analyst varies depending on the company, but the most common questions usually revolve around KPIs. How is the company developing? What are the sales markers? A BI analyst would take a top-down approach to answering these questions. For example, let’s say my company’s sales have declined. The BI analyst would be tasked with figuring out if this decline is due to a specific region, product/service, sales rep, etc.

Generally, BI analysts work to ensure that the data from sources is ready for use, collaborating with other roles such as database administrators and data engineers. Data analysts work more closely with customers (internal and external) to meet their data needs, and they also work with BI analysts. Often these roles are actually mixed. provides a list of tasks per role.

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Anyone who wants to get into BI should have both technical and non-technical knowledge and skills. This list is not exhaustive, but highlights a few that will be of use to an analyst.

You don’t need to have a technical background, but you do need to be willing to learn the technical side of the job. A business background is actually helpful as it can help understand the business problems, understand the company itself, and provide insights for stakeholders. This helps ask the right questions to understand the company’s needs. Technical knowledge is helpful in this area because you can provide insight into what can be delivered. The deeper you move from a data analyst role to a BI analyst role and the fusion between the two, the more technical knowledge is required, for example in SQL. I would recommend anyone in a data-driven role to have a solid knowledge of Excel, SQL and a visualization tool like Tableau.

Glassdoor actually has a nice path that includes salaries and transitional jobs. How to Become a BI Analyst: Complete Career Path | Glass door. A typical career path would be to start as a BI analyst, then as a senior BI analyst, then as a senior BI analyst, and finally as a director of business intelligence.

General Assembly’s Data Analytics Bootcamp can be a jumpstart to a career in this field.

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Before the bootcamps, how did you typically become a BI analyst? Is Business Intelligence a skill that can be learned in a bootcamp? Why?

Personally, I didn’t get a computer science degree, but learned on the job throughout my career and actually taught myself SQL. I ended up getting my master’s degree in computer information systems, but that’s not necessary for a career in business intelligence! In the General Assembly’s Data Analytics Bootcamp, we not only teach the tools, but also how to formulate a hypothesis and work through an empirical process. Students create an Excel project, then a SQL project, and finally a Tableau project.

You can learn different tools and techniques for business intelligence in different programs such as: B. in General Assembly or Micro Master’s programs offered by various universities (these are longer). There are “boot camp” programs, but typically the session lasts more than a day. There are also full degree programs in data analysis.

Depending on your interests, background, financial commitments, etc., a bootcamp can be the start of a career in data/BI. This is a career path where we are constantly learning and acquiring new skills.

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BI analysts can work in anything from a start-up to a large corporation. Typically, business intelligence teams are found in medium to large companies.

BI works in multiple business areas, it just depends on the organization. BI is generally intended to help provide information that helps the organization achieve its goals. To achieve this, BI must work with both IT departments and business departments.

Many additional certifications can be earned, including Certified Business Intelligence Professional (CBIP). Here is a list of certifications that may be of interest to you.

I would start with a program like the General Assembly Data Analytics Course. This is a great starting point for such a career path. There are other places where you can learn more about data analysis, such as: E.g. Data Camp, Coursera, Udemy, etc. Here is a list of additional programs:

Ibm Planning Analytics offers networking sessions online and in person (when possible due to COVID) and has groups in various cities for those interested in dating. Research what analysts need as the market is constantly changing. Never stop learning!

Find out more and read the reviews of the general assembly in the course report. This article was prepared by the Course Report Team in collaboration with the General Assembly.

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As a school administrator, are you trying to manage your school page in the course report? Claim your site here! Modern analytics pipelines consist of many roles and responsibilities for translating raw data and meaningful insights. A business intelligence analyst and a data analyst are two of the most common analytics roles in many companies.

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Business intelligence analysts or BI analysts focus on translating raw operational data into meaningful financial dashboards and reports. Data analysts focus more on sifting through data to find new patterns that are relevant to the company or other stakeholders. BI analysts are better at understanding what is happening and doing it at scale. Data analysts are better at looking for patterns that shed light on what might be happening.

Business intelligence analysts excel at translating business requirements into the appropriate graphics, charts, spreadsheets, and dashboards. You tend to work close to the front lines with business users and subject matter experts. You also need a solid understanding of business operations, finance and accounting to translate the raw data into a form that users are comfortable with.

BI analysts need a deep understanding of the technical side of working with structured databases and data warehouses. You must be able to fluently write complex SQL queries and create complex joins between tables. Familiarity with various query optimization techniques can help you ensure that reports are created that reduce database processing overhead.

BI analysts may have various SQL data transformation skills. For example, they may work with extract, transform, and load tools to transfer subsets of data from an operational database to a data warehouse to support a new query.

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Some basic user experience design skills can also help them find the best way to present data to users that is simple and can explain the corresponding story.

The tools of choice for BI analysts are typically Excel spreadsheets and SQL queries. You use BI tools such as Microsoft Power BI, Salesforce Tableau and Google Looker. BI analysts also typically work with the data presentation tools built into BI tools, such as Tableau, Power BI, and Looker. They use these to present their insights to business users, data scientists and data engineers

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