Ms Sql Web Server 2012 Business Intelligence Advancement Workshop

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Ms Sql Web Server 2012 Business Intelligence Advancement Workshop – SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) ​​provides project templates and design standards for building various types of SQL Server content – relational databases, Analysis Services models, Reporting Services reports, and Integration Services packages.

SSDT is backward compatible, so you can always use the latest SSDT to design and deploy databases, models, reports, and packages that run on older versions of SQL Server.

Ms Sql Web Server 2012 Business Intelligence Advancement Workshop

Historically, the Visual Studio shell used to create various types of SQL Server content has been released under different names, including SQL Server Data Tools, SQL Server Data Tools-Business Intelligence, and Business Intelligence Development Studio. Earlier versions came with different sets of project templates. To get all project templates together in one SSDT, you need the latest version. Otherwise, you will need to install several previous versions to get all the templates used in SQL Server. Only one shell is included in the Visual Studio version; installing the second SSDT just adds the missing templates.

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Visual Studio 2017 is out of general support and use of Visual Studio 2019 or 2022 is recommended. more about SSDT for Visual Studio 2019 and 2022 in Download SSDT.

Starting with Visual Studio 2017, the functionality of creating Database Projects has been integrated into the Visual Studio installation. There is no need to install a standalone SSDT installer for the SSDT core experience.

Now to create Analysis Services, Integration Services, or Reporting Services projects, you still need a standalone SSDT installer.

To install SSDT during the Visual Studio installation, select Database Storage and Processing, then select Database Tools for SQL Server.

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If Visual Studio is already installed, use the Visual Studio Installer to modify the installation package to include SSSD.

The installer lists the Visual Studio instances available to add SSSD tools. If Visual Studio is not installed, select Install new SQL Server Data Tools for example you install SSDT with a smaller version of Visual Studio, but for a better experience, we recommend using SSDT with the latest version of Visual Studio.

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To install SSDT offline, follow the steps in this section. For more information, see Perform a network installation of Visual Studio 2017.

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If you are using the full version of Visual Studio 2017, create an offline-only SSDT folder, and run

From this newly created folder (do not install SSDT in another Visual Studio 2017 offline layout). If you add an SSDT installation to an existing Visual Studio offline design, the necessary runtime (.exe) components are not created there.

Fixed issue where creating an SSIS package with Azure would fail in Azure-SSIS IR under a new database factory.

Azure-enabled SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) projects now support the national cloud (Azure US Government and Microsoft Azure operated by 21Vianet).

Microsoft Business Intelligence Solutions Builder

Added an ExecuteOnProxy property to the Execute SQL Task and Execute Process Task to support enabling the Integration Server to run as a proxy.

Fixed an issue where a test connection to the Analysis Services Connection Manager could fail due to failure to load the ADAL managed component.

Fixed an issue where Azure Subscription ComboBox items were duplicated in the IR Creation Wizard and Azure-Enabled Project Wizard when different subscriptions had the same name.

Fixed an issue where the automatically generated code under the bufferwrapper.cs script section added double quotes when the current location was in Germany.

Install And Configure Sql Server Instances And Features

Fixed an issue where the download WSDL key is not displayed when the target server version is SQL Server 2012, 2014, 2016.

Fixed an issue where a package is not downgraded to the current version of the target project server when saved as a copy to the file system or MSDB in the package deployment model.

Fixed an issue where the Preview button does not work for an OLE DB source when connecting to a SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) data source.

Fixed an issue where removing the input or output of a data flow component before removing the associated method could cause a COMException error.

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Fixed an issue where the SSAS Configuration task could not connect to a Power BI workspace and update its models.

Fixed an issue where Visual Studio hangs on debugging script task/component when using the x64 runtime and targeting SQL Server 2017.

Allow users to skip authentication when opening packages, which improves performance. For more information, see Quick to open SSIS packages in SSSD.

Power Query Source may not support OData v4 when SSIS and SSAS are installed in the same instance of Visual Studio.

Reporting In Sql Server

Power Query Source may not support using ODBC to connect to Oracle when SSIS and SSAS are installed in the same instance of Visual Studio.

Fixed an issue where a script part copied from another in the same package could not be loaded correctly during debugging when the target server version is lower than SQL Server 2019.

Fixed access issue if aspect ratio of connector lines is less than 3:1 under package designer window.

Fixed an accessibility issue if the aspect ratio is less than 3:1 in the “Fit View to window” control under the package designer window.

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Fixed an issue where the Database Transfer function did not work when the database had filegroups that contained the file.

Fixed an issue where when using ODBC components in a Foreach Loop component, the ODBC component would encounter a ‘Function sequence error’ in the second loop during package execution.

Power Query Source may not support OData v4 when SSIS and SSAS are installed in the same instance of Visual Studio.

Power Query Source may not support using ODBC to connect to Oracle when SSIS and SSAS are installed in the same instance of Visual Studio.

What Is Sql Server Reporting Services

When targeting SQL Server 2017 and SxS with SQL Server 2017 installed in CU19 or later CU, debug packages containing Script Task/Component with breakpoints hang if Run64BitRuntime is set to true.

Fixed an issue where the maintenance plan tasks’ UI could not list ADO.NET connection managers created outside of the task UI.

Fixed an issue where the Azure login on the interactive page was not visible when deploying an SSAS project, for a solution with SSIS projects loaded.

Fixed an issue where clicking the MSOLAP driver properties button causes the DTS wizard to crash when SQL Server is not installed.

Sql Error Handling: Mechanisms And Best Practices

Fixed an issue where XML Source and ADO.NET Destination would not process correctly when targeting SQL Server 2012.

Fixed an issue where the “Download WSDL” button in the Web Service Task editor could not be displayed correctly.

Fixed an issue where a table might not be able to be selected on the Connection Manager page of the View Version editor.

Fixed an issue where the status icon might not be displayed correctly in the Convert to Model Package deployment wizard.

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Removed the inbox component Power Query Source for SQL Server 2017. We have now announced Power Query Source for SQL Server 2017 & 2019 as an out-of-box component, which can be downloaded here.

Released the inbox component of Microsoft Oracle Connector for SQL Server 2019. We have now announced Microsoft Oracle Connector for SQL Server 2019 as an out-of-the-box component, which can be downloaded here.

Fixed an issue where the SSIS debugger could fail to launch due to the IDtsHost interface not being registered when the target server version is SQL Server 2017 or 2019.

Upgrade the .NET framework version to 4.7 in the script function/component when the target server version is SQL Server 2019.

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Added ConnectByProxy property to ODBC Connection Manager to support enabling self-hosted Connections as a proxy to ODBC connection manager.

Fixed an issue where users could not debug a script function/component if the code used any of the new syntaxes introduced after .NET 4.5.

Fixed an issue where creating the first Data Factory in an Azure subscription using the Integration Runtime Creation Wizard could fail because the Data Factory resource provider was not registered.

Fixed an issue where SSIS in the ADF Connection Wizard could not display the Azure storage account list correctly when there is only one file storage account in the subscription.

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Fixed an issue where char(n char) and varchar2(n char) were assigned to incorrect DTS types in the Oracle Connector.

Add an AzureEnabled object. Enable project packages to run on SSIS Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) in Azure Data Factory.

Fixed an issue where the Oracle connector failed to upgrade/downgrade a package/project if the package/project uses expressions in connection manager properties.

Fix the issue that the Download WSDL button of the Web Service Task Editor does not support TLS 1.1 and 1.2 protocol (targeted by SQL Server 2019)

Sql Server Data Tools

Fixed an issue where the “Help” button for the Power Query Source and Connection Manager was not linking to the correct document.

Add “ConnectByProxy” property for Ole DB and Flat File connection manager, which can allow access to local data and Self-hosted IR in Azure-SSIS IR.

Add “ConnectUsingManagedIdentity” property for ADO.NET and OLE DB connection manager, which enables managed identity authentication to connect to data source in Azure-SSIS IR.

To create a package that targets a server version 2017 or below, download the corresponding Oracle connector version from the Microsoft download site and install it on the SSDT machine.

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This problem occurs when both of the following conditions are true:

• The security level is EncryptSensitiveWithPassword.
• The target server version is earlier than SQL Server 2017.

ISDeploymentWizard supports SQL authentication, Azure Active Directory integrated authentication, and Azure Active Directory password authentication in command mode.

Fixed an issue when deploying an SSIS project, which contains packages containing a Job Script/Flat file to Azure-SSIS would cause the packages to fail to execute in Azure-SSIS.

Visual Studio 2017 (15.5.1) is the

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