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√ Maintenance Fortnite Today 23 October Fortnite Cannot Be Opened

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Fortnite Maintenance – Surely those of you who use the Fortnite game today have problems. Why can’t Fortnite open today, October 22, 2020? How late is the Fortnite server maintenance complete?
Epic games are undergoing maintenance today precisely on October 22, 2020. Fortnite cannot be opened today because it is currently server maintenance Fortnite, so all users cannot play it today. You hope to be patient because there are updates adding new features in the game Fortnite.
From the information we have found that Fortnite’s maintenance today, October 22, 2020, is related to bug fixes in Chapter 2. But as usual that Fortnite maintenance usually does not require a long time, at least 5-7 hours of Fortnite maintenance is complete. So for those of you who can’t open the Fortnite game today, please be patient because there is a server maintenance on Fortnite, October 22, 2020.
 Surely those of you who use the Fortnite game today have problems Maintenance Fortnite Today 23 October Fortnite Cannot Be Opened
You need to know that Chapter 2 Fortnite was released about a week ago by presenting a new map and Battle Pass, because Fortnite Chapter 2 has many adjustments in the game.
Today’s Fortnite Maintenance is expected to overcome the problem of several bugs that are bothering Fortnite players a lot, so that they have a more enjoyable playing experience with Fortnite.
According to the news that Fortnite’s maintenance update today will be launched in the afternoon in the UK. However, Epic games will make the Fortnite server go offline for the next few hours to maintain Fortnite.
Maintenance Fortnite reportedly starts at 09.00 am, BTS or 4.00 EST. For those of you who are in the United States, you will experience Fortnite server maintenance with that time.
Here are some official statements given by Epic Games:
“Hi everyone, we have a patch v11.01 planned for tomorrow,” a message from Epic Games confirmed.
“These patches include new content for Save the World and discuss some known game issues. The stop time starts at 4 am ET (0800 UTC). “
As always, things can change quickly if problems arise during the update process.
So fans will want to keep an eye on the official Fortnite social media channel for the latest news shared by Epic Games.
Expected bug fixes to be announced including fixes for current issues with FPS levels when playing live in the game.
These problems have been marked by Epic Games for some time and means a solution will arrive soon.
Fans also hope to see changes in the current XP system, which some players find more busy with.
That is our information about Fortnite’s maintenance today, 22 October 2020, so the Fortnite game cannot be opened because the server is offline. Hopefully this information can be useful for you.

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